Dr. Toy’s Alumni

Dr. Toy’s Alumni is a new lifetime membership offering that combines every element of Dr. Toy’s Media Platform and more.

In addition, this offering includes the exclusive, coveted Dr. Toy’s Alumni Seal of Excellence signifying stand-out creators and retailers of children’s products: the very best designers and entrepreneurs who consistently release and promote brilliant products that inspire, educate, and give hope to children and parents alike. This seal can be used on products, in media advertising and on the Internet. It’s like having a pre-approved, promo-ready “award” for every product in your catalog and every product you release in the future.1

Limited to a maximum of 30 outstanding companies, Dr. Toy’s Alumni shines the light on the top one percent high-quality educational toy manufacturers and retailers in the industry. Dr. Toy’s Alumni will be featured throughout Dr. Toy’s Guide and Magic Toy Box.

The lifetime benefits of being selected as a member of Dr. Toy’s Alumni include:

  • Feature your exclusive Dr. Toy’s Alumni Seal of Excellence on products, in media advertising, and on the Internet. Value: instant recognition and prestige, brand recognition, and enhancement that is priceless over the life of your company;

  • Product award submission fee for each of Dr. Toy’s five annual award programs is permanently locked in at $300 (currently our awards entry rate is $350 per product). Value: Thousands of dollars in savings over the life of your company.

  • Folio. This is the product catalog on magictoybox.org (which closely approximates the look and navigation of products displayed in ToyBase on drtoy.com via its award programs including multimedia and social media, and forms the basis for the actual content for the virtual toy museum that is Magic Toy Box ); this includes unlimited submissions for the life of magictoybox.org.  Active Folios are given priority to  link to our twice a year seasonal guides (live folios need only pay a fee to link to seasonal guides rather than an entire subscription). Value: Thousands of dollars of free advertising for the life of your company including a direct link to where site visitors can purchase your products from each listing.

  • Directory listings.  One free directory listing on both drtoy.com and magictoybox.org. Unique collapsible/expandable listing in a multi-media yellow pages of toys, children’s products, etc. A who’s who of the toy industry. Directory listings for Dr. Toy’s Alumni members are set off in a distinguishable color and have the word “Alumni” prominently featured. Value: Thousands of dollars of free advertising for the life of your company. Advertising that features you prominently compared to others in the industry and in a directory created by an trusted industry leader, Dr. Toy.

  • Carnival. Carnival is Magic Toy Box’s tapestry of one million tiny pixels that link to outside sites and also to individual products within the Magic Toy Box. Dr. Toy’s Alumni will be featured prominently within the visuals and visual effects in Carnival. Imagine an entire interactive universe existing within a child’s toy box complete with unique special effects when navigating it (coming in 2018). Value: permanent and premium placement for advertising in a very high traffic area of the web and to a niche market.

  • Premium placement advertising on drtoy.com and magictoybox.com. The first 10 approved and paid applicants will be featured in banner advertising in the top right corner of the header of the companion sites of drtoy.com and magictoybox.org. Value: permanent and premium placement for advertising in a very high traffic area of the web and to a very niche market.

Dr. Toy’s downloadable Media Kit includes the current advertising rate card for every offering,  and a synopsis of the Alumni program and its benefits. As you will see, the program more than pays for itself and adds significant value.

The price for Dr. Toy’s Alumni participation – upon approval – is $4,500 effective June 1, 2012.

You Are Invited!

Dr. Toy enthusiastically invites you to apply for membership in Dr. Toy’s Alumni and its Seal of Excellence. Simply fill out the application by clicking the button below.


1Dr. Toy’s Alumni is not a product award. Alumni members will still need to apply for and be approved to receive product awards and therefore be included in Dr. Toy’s Best Products Awards; however, as a part of Dr. Toy’s Alumni membership privileges, the cost for this is permanently locked in at $300 for approved members. Dr. Toy’s Best Products awards are geared towards individual products, where Dr. Toy’s Alumni membership is geared towards your company or organization.